Sneak Peek of Our Weekend Flash Sales

No matter who you’re shopping for this weekend, Nebraska Crossing Outlets has incredible flash sales that you won’t want to miss! 

These exclusive deals are available this weekend to users on the NEX Outlets app; download here.


Send your kids into a new school year wearing their favorite brands!



Spend $100 at Justice this weekend, and receive $25 off of your total purchase.

Old Navy

Old Navy Flash Sale

Take $25 off your entire purchase when you spend $75 or more at Old Navy.


Gymboree Flash Sale

Visit Gymboree and spend $100 or more, and you’ll receive $20 off of your entire purchase.

American Eagle

American Eagle

Spend $100 or more at American Eagle, and snag $20 off of your purchase.


At Nebraska Crossing Outlets, college students can score outrageous deals on the brands they love!

Gap Factory

Gap Flash Sale

Spend $100 or more at Gap Factory and receive $20 off your entire purchase.

Forever 21

Forever 21

Spend $75 or more at Forever 21, and you will receive $25 off of your total purchase.

Fragrance Outlet

Fragrance Flash Sale

Take $25 off of your purchase at Fragrance Outlet, when you spend $75 or more.


Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or an accountant, NEX can help you tune up your work wardrobe.

Uniform Destination

Uniform Flash Sale

Check out our newest store! Spend $100 or more at Uniform Destination, and you will receive $20 off of your total purchase.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan Flash Sale

Receive $50 off of your purchase of $200 or more at Cole Haan.


Swarovski Flash Sale

Spend $100 at Swarovski and receive $20 off of your total purchase.

For all of these incredible flash sales, plus additional offers, download the NEX Outlets app.

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