The FastCash™ App is here!

Earn 15% FastCash™ (cashback) on every purchase at Nebraska Crossing! Shop over 75 Premier Brands and earn cashback to use later at any of your favorite stores! Get started by downloading the NEX app today!

FastCash™ is automatic cashback.

Earn 15% FastCash™ (cashback) on every purchase at Nebraska Crossing participating stores* when you download the NEX App and securely link your preferred credit card credentials. Remember to shop with your selected credit/debit* card every time you shop. *If you’re using a debit card, please remember to bypass the pin code and run it as ‘credit’.


Download the free NEX FastCash™ App and securely connect your everyday online credit card banking credentials for your credit/debit card that you would like to shop with. Once your card is linked, you will start earning automatic cashback from all of our brands.


Just swipe/chip or use Apple/Google Pay (contactless payments) with your connected card. No need to open the app or doing anything special! Nebraska Crossing deposits the FastCash™ into your FastCash™ Rewards Card in your app wallet.**


Connect your FastCash™ Rewards Card to your Apple/Google Wallet with one touch! FastCash™ is redeemable 30 days after you earn it. Use contactless payments (Apple/Google Wallet) with your FastCash™ Rewards Card to pay for your purchases. FastCash™ never expires.

70 brands show you love when you shop with 15% cashback!

Ready to start earning cashback?

Your favorite brands choose to give you cashback offers via the NEX FastCash™ App, instead of spending it on disruptive advertising. How cool is that? Download the NEX FastCash™ App now!

We’re serious about security and protecting you. We don’t store your card.

Nebraska Crossing doesn’t store any credit or banking information. All credit and debit card information is securely linked and encrypted through Plaid®,

Plaid®: The combination of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) helps keep sensitive data safe. Modern web and mobile applications use a technology called Transport Layer Security (TLS) to help protect data-in-transit from unauthorized third-parties. Plaid uses TLS for all information exchanges between the Plaid API, financial institutions, and Plaid customers. Plaid also encrypts sensitive data-at-rest whenever we store it using AES 256 encryption at object and volume levels, which helps sensitive data remain protected even in the event of a database compromise.

-There are more than 3,000 financial apps and services that are powered by Plaid.

-Plaid connects to over 10,000 US financial institutions, as well as many more in Canada, the UK, and the European Union.

-1 in 4 US adults has connected a financial account to an app with Plaid—and that number is growing every day.

I have always loved using the NEX App to save, but now–earning 15% (or more) cashback at my favorite stores gives me a reason to only shop there!

Elise Langden

*Earn 15% (or more) FastCash™ (Cashback) on every purchase. (1) Securely connect your credit/debit card credentials with Plaid® on the NEX App, (2) use your connected card to shop at Nebraska Crossing, and (3) you will earn 15% FastCash™ on every purchase. Excludes all restaurants, except Purple Acai Bowls.

**Your banking institution may take a few days to get the transactions to us. Don’t worry, the moment they share your purchases with us, you will see your earned FastCash™ in your wallet. You will earn FastCash™ instantly and you can use your FastCash™ at any of our 70 premier brands 30 days after earning!