There is something Hollywood-chic about a dramatic pair of shades. Maybe it’s the ability to let you go incognito that’s alluring. Perhaps it’s the masking effect that protects your eyes from the sun. Possibly, it’s the knack for emphasizing any mode of outfit, whether polished, boho, retro, or modern; a fabulous pair of sunnies livens up any look.

When it comes to eyewear, there are so many trends, and so little time. But what’s the right look for you? You wouldn’t put just anything on your face, right?

Shape is the most critical factor to consider when shopping styles.

Heart-shaped faces are well suited by aviators and cat-eyes, which mirror the shape of the face. Both are wider on top, and narrower as the shape continues, like the heart-shaped face as well.

Combat sharp angling on a square face with round specs. Juxtapose hard and soft to achieve the right level of contrast. Conversely, square or rectangular frames nicely offset round faces. It’s all about balance.

Stay chic in the heat, shady lady.

Categories: Fashion 101, NEX Happenings

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