Take a Backyard Vacation

Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is to create an oasis in your own backyard! With a few items from Nebraska Crossing Outlets, you can turn any afternoon into a vacation.

Stay Covered

Tommy Bahama Hat

A wide-brimmed hat is a necessity for the summer. Find this darling Montego Sun Hat at Tommy Bahama. This is a sophisticated topper for your summer ensembles!

Kick Back in Comfort


Nothing says casual comfort like a pair of flip-flops. These Rainbow Sandals from Rack Room Shoes are the perfect fit for your summer.

Have a Ball

Eddie Bauer Ice Cream Ball

A backyard game and a cool treat- all in one! This Softshell Ice Cream Ball from Eddie Bauer is one way to liven up your homemade ice cream. Just add ice and rock salt at one end and ice cream mix to the other. Then pass it, shake it, or roll it around for at least 20 minutes and you’ll wind up with a delicious pint of ice cream!

Keep Cool

Kitchen Collection Pitcher

Brew it, flavor it, or chill it in the new Primula Flavor It Pitcher from Kitchen Collection. This is the perfect pitcher for entertaining! Use this pitcher to brew iced tea, or to infuse fresh fruit flavors into your water. The next time you host a backyard barbecue, you can easily keep your mojitos chilled and infused with mint, thanks to this pitcher.

Visit Nebraska Crossing Outlets for more items to maximize your summer fun! Be sure to download the NEX Outlets app to score the best deals at your favorite stores.

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