The Best Bags for the Young Businessman

Every gentleman needs a reliable and stylish work bag to hold his laptop, files, wallet, and whatever else he might need to carry to the office.


Here’s our guide for your new partner in professionalism:

The Briefcase

Johnston Briefcase

A briefcase is the classic work bag. Its sturdy build and sharp appearance are a foolproof way for you to look professional. Visit Johnston & Murphy for a great selection of quality leather briefcases.

The Messenger Bag

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.32.35 PM

The messenger bag is perfect for the man on the move. It has just as much room as a briefcase, but with a shoulder strap it makes for a hands-free option. This bag is great for the guy who bikes to work, or always finds coffee in one hand and his cellphone in the other. Visit Cole Haan for a variety of stylish design options.

The Backpack


The backpack has made a comeback! It’s easy to throw over your shoulders, and you’ll have no problem storing all of your belongings in a bag this size. The key to this look is to ditch your beat-up college backpack and upgrade to a more sophisticated bag, like this one from Coach.

The Duffle

Fossil Duffle

A duffle bag is the perfect option for the guy that always hits the gym after a day at the office. Be careful not to cross the line between casual and professional here, so throw away your old gym and select a more tasteful duffle bag, like this one from Fossil.

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