Meet Maisie From Team UA NEXT

1200x628_MAISIE copy.jpg

Thousands competed. Seven made the roster. Now you can meet Maisie from Team UA NEXT at Nebraska Crossing Outlets on Saturday, April 9th.


The first 500 people to visit the Under Armour store starting at 1 PM on Saturday April 9th will have the opportunity to meet Maisie! They also will receive a FREE Under Armour water bottle, courtesy of NEX Outlets. Shop our exclusive Flash Sale during the event and receive $20 off for every $100 you spend!


Maisie is a local sixth grade student who enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. She was chosen for Team UA NEXT after trying out during an event held at NEX Outlets last July.

Maisie was selected to join Team UA NEXT on the basis of her athletic ability, athletic achievement, work ethic, competitiveness, and character. Over 16,000 children tried out to become a Team UA NEXT athlete, with only seven being selected. She joins an elite group of young student-athletes nationwide who will represent the Under Armour brand for one year.

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