Safety Guidelines For Your Visit: The New Customer Shopping Experience.

Nebraska Crossing Landlord Blueprint: Re-Opening Strategy in a COVID-19 Economy.

To provide full transparency for the community, Nebraska Crossing has published our internal Landlord Blueprint document that has been shared with our 80 global and national brand partners. This document contains information on best practices and guidelines developed to Soft-Open and Re-Open Nebraska Crossing to the public. View document.

The New Shopping Experience. What to Expect.

Re-Opening Blueprint

How Nebraska Crossing supports our global and national brand partners to assist and institutes best practices for reopening brick and mortar retail stores in a COVID-19 economy.

In these challenging times, our priority is to create the safest environment for our employees and customers as possible. We have worked collaboratively with our national and global brand partners and are following direct guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to create a re-opening blueprint to begin the long process for reopening our economy.

Nebraska Crossing and the management office has remained open, supporting the handful of retailers that have been open for business, and/or have been fulfilling on-line and curbside pick-up orders from our center.

The Omaha-based company, Quinn Insurance has provided very timely information on risk insights and a checklist for employers and employees as they reopen businesses. View Risk Insights View Checklist

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  1. Tim Welling

    So happy to visit the outlets on Sunday! I am proud of you, because you are being responsible by limiting risk, but you are also on the cutting edge of opening our economy back up!

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